Gem Ball

Gem Ball 2.2

A 3D arcade game whose key objective is not dropping the ball down
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Gem Ball is a 3D arcade game, whose key objective is not dropping the ball down so as to keep the game going. If you manage to do that, then the game will award you with different bonuses and prizes. Gem Ball 3D has features of two types of games: it is partly an arcade game and it also has elements of a puzzle game. So it is not enough to always keep the ball bouncing; you have to chain a series of events. The theme of Gem Ball 3D is related to Egyptian myths, characters and traditions, and the main objective of the game is to restore the gifts of Amon Ra. Featuring two game modes, you will have to discover ten artifacts through more than 150 levels. In each of the game modes you will encounter 15 different scenarios, each belonging to a different location. Gem Ball 3D represents a nice and fun entertainment. There are no special requirements to run the game and it works perfectly with Windows 98 or any newer version. The developer offers a free trial and the unlimited game version for just $19.95.

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  • Good mix of an arcade and puzzle game
  • Fun
  • Free trial


  • None
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